Craith Lab Breil
The treatment for our skin cells through epigenetics. Detoxification of the skin is activated, cellular waste is removed and the cells can absorb active substances even more effectively
CHF 165.00
Craith Lab Breil Pur
A successful combination of protection and anti-ageing with the highest possible active ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. Collagen production is stimulated and enhanced with the help of oxygen application, collagen degradation is inhibited over time & skin texture is improved.
CHF 195.00
Craith Lab Business
Intensively cleansing facial treatment without massage. Facial cleansing, enzyme peeling, deep cleansing, algae hydration or cleansing mask, collagen treatment, concluding care. (This treatment does not include any massage)
CHF 135.00
Craith LAB Luxury
Pure luxury for body and mind! Experience newly defined, visibly firmer skin. The prelude to this exclusive treatment is a peeling with deep cleansing. Highly efficient concentrates (deep penetration with oxygen), paired with a face, neck and décolleté massage transform your skin. A luxurious special mask accompanied by a hand massage brings the luxury treatment to a harmonious conclusion
CHF 240.00
Premium facial & décolleté treatment
Collagen is responsible for our skins basic structure and firmness. Also for its elasticity and resilience. Craith Lab Complex contains a 200 times stronger effectiveness than previous collagens. The basis with triple effect is a vegan Bionetic Collagen. This stimulates, aided by oxygen application, the body's own collagen production, slows down cell ageing and visibly reduces expression lines. Deep cleansing and brow correction on request.
CHF 225.00
St Barth Flamands
Immerse yourself in Caribbean lightness with the body wrap and aroma massage Sensation as well as the relaxing and rejuvenating facial treatment Freshness.
CHF 265.00
St Barth Freshness
FACIAL AND DECOLLETÉ TREATMENT WITH HAND MASSAGE A sophisticated face and neck treatment that includes a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, a revitalising massage and a clarifying mask. As soon as the mask, with ingredients from passion fruit and ananas, takes effect, a soothing massage of your hands ensures relaxation. With the rich and smooth texture of precious oils, lotions and gels, combined with the effective action of tropical fruits, you will feel like you are in the Caribbean.
CHF 155.00
St Barth Pureness
FACIAL AND DECOLLETÉ TREATMENT WITH HAND MASSAGE A complete face and neck treatment followed by perfectly tailored skin care products. Cleansing, toning and exfoliating are inspired by the fragrant blossoms and fruits of tropical gardens. A creamy blend of selected products provides a revitalising massage of the face and décolleté. While the purifying mask takes effect, a soothing massage of the hands prolongs the relaxation. If desired, a brow correction can be performed.
CHF 185.00